Spoke & Stringer x Arkin

Spoke & Stringer and Friction Collective came together, with the collaboration of Arkin Supply, to create some incredible promotional imagery on the rugged beauty of Bristol’s streets.

Spoke & Stringer’s clothing range is based around ‘Ride Culture’ which was perfect for the style of photos we were looking to achieve, strong low sunlight and dark streets to produce stunning eye-catching photography.

Arkin became involved during the hunt for a model, Liz Drew from Arkin just happens to model on the side of creating bespoke leather goods, her products needed some updated photography and it was the perfect collaboration. This is the basis of how we run our business, collectively bringing in companies that can work together to collectively promote each other. Using the power of the internet to produce interest and share ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ with each others content and products.

This is a perfect example of how smaller (and of course larger) companies can work together to create a buzz and reach an extraordinary audience. With our collective likes and internet followers, Friction, Spoke & Stringer and Arkin will reach thousands of people thanks to the tagging links and power of social media.