“SEX SELLS”-Dead Royalties- Promo Music Video

We worked closely with Dead Royalties to produce their very first music video for ‘Sex Sells’. At Friction we understand that the first video is an incredibly crucial one as it dictates the look of the band for the rest of their career. Sure, style changes are important, but people will always look back at the first songs. As we all know, the oldies are the goodies!

So for Dead Royalties front man, Alex Share, it was crucial that the video did not come across sexist, at the same time as being eye catching, ironic and sexy. This was a really interesting challenge for us, because, as well all know, Sex does sell and we were all very aware of the irony that could be achieved by creating a very sexy video. But that was never the bands idea and that lead us to go down the teenage house party route. A world filled with booze, drugs, music, love and sexual tension, all the best things in any wild party. Friction and DR had a hard job portraying the lyrics (Nearly all of which are double entendre’s, innuendos or poking fun at the corporate advertising world) So we made sure the band were suitably dressed in drag, lipstick, stockings and dresses for part of the shoot, complimenting their less serious side.

They are a really great bunch guys to work with, easy going, efficient and packed full of ideas, their songs are absolute screamers and we really cant wait to work with Dead Royalties again!

Taken from the Hormones EP, released by Secret Chord Records on 11th April

Dead Royalties are signed to Secret Chord Records™
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