My Octopus Mind – ‘In the Round’ Sessions. 4K





Earlier this year we did a test for a new music session series called ‘In the Round’ curated by our creative director Josh. Everything was lit entirely by firelight and recorded on location with the amazing My Octopus Mind playing ‘Come through me now’.

You might see some familiar faces around the fire. Unfortunately the audience will be changing in future but we are not going to give too much away on this front. ?

Since this has been filmed, there have been some big ideas added to the plan and we are very excited to see this thing released into the wild and how it might develop in the future.

If you know of, or are in a band that would be interested in getting involved please do get in touch!

Thanks to My Octopus Mind for their patience whilst we have been discussing and developing. Go to check them out!


Featuring the incredible My Octopus Mind.