Revolting Revolution by Dead Royalties ( Official Music Video)

We were given the brief on the Wednesday, we shot it (with the idea to do as little takes as possible) on the Friday night, they had the first cut by Monday night and they released on the Saturday. Our quickest project yet! And it was an awesome one. All apart from a small incident with the lead singers head contacting the floor thanks to some idiotic driving by some dick (he was, luckily, okay)

We used large commercial sucker pads to attach the camera to the car, we were worried that we’d have too many vibrations from the road and the whole vid would be far too shakey, but as it was, it worked really well! We did use approx 1 million straps to make sure it didn’t go anywhere, so they may well have played a large part in the stability.

We were also worried about the amount of light on the band, most of Gloucester road (the chosen location) is very well lit, but as with all streets there are some distinct dark patches, to overcome this we rented large LED lights and mounted them in the boot of the car, facing into the band’s faces as they followed. The lights we got were incredibly bright, like burn your eyes bright if you look into them too long, so the legality of having such bright lights did pop into all of our minds.

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