Dyson Christmas Party for Bright

James Dyson is renowned for being innovative, entrepreneurial and loyal to creating industry in the UK. Well his Company; Dyson, is no exception to that rule when it comes to throwing a Christmas party. For years Dyson have been employing Think Bright Events to throw their wildly imaginative dream Christmas parties and this year Bright employed us to cover the event photographically.

2014’s theme was ‘Flight of Fancy’ and the employees are given a month to engineer their incredible costumes before the big night, where the fancy dress competition reaches its peak and the final winner is handed a prize personally by Mr Dyson himself. This, combined with the employees being some of the best engineers in the country, means their costumes are out of this world, creating a visual delight for our three strong team of photographers. Fin set up a small studio for staged shots and for everyone to document the incredible effort that had gone into their evenings ‘get-up’. Jack and Josh then roamed the airport themed hangar taking party/club style shots and ‘fly on the wall’ photos.