Snugs earphones

Initially we were approached by Paul Jobin of Snugs to shoot stills of models and products in and around Bath for use on his web site and promotional material. After an initial meeting we offered to also cover the shoot on video on a ‘if you like it, you can use it’ basis. Paul and his clients loved it and from there it was decided to prioritise the video over stills as this approach maximises product sales over costs.

Having completed our first project on time and within budget Paul then asked if we would urgently design and artwork a promotional postcard for a specific promo day coming up very soon. On our advice, it was also decided that Snugs needed a brand identity and voice, so after some liaison and armed with a good lot of new photographic material from the first shoot we set about creating the Snugs logo, brand identity and tone of voice. 3 days later the first of 3 postcards for Snugs was printed and delivered.

With the Snugs identity set and the success of the stills, edits and brand and postcard designs we were asked to handle all of the Snugs stationary and promotional materials, including:

Sports video and stills shoot around Bristol with models
Generic Postcards
Product usage leaflet and video
Business Cards
Letter Head
Gift Vouchers
Email Signature

Going forward we are helping with marketing and promotion of the brand in many areas, such as: Social Media planning and implementation