Bath Carnival 2017. Case Study

Bath Carnival 2017 was incredibly, intense, vibrant exciting and downright knackering day of filming for the collective. With two roaming cameras we split into two teams working with live sound microphones, self stablising gimbals, steady cams, tripods and a camera bag each, we spent the day, from 9am right through until 2:30am roaming Bath, shooting the various parties happening across the city.


The carnival was split up across the city, with the main party happening in Sydney Gardens, on one side of the city and the procession leading out from the Rugby Grounds in the center, around a 3 mile route through the streets. It then culminated in an all night party at a local club; Moles. Which, rammed with carnival drummers and tropical decorations, sent the party spiraling into the night.

Being tasked with documenting this meant a logistical head-scratcher for the team to try work out timings of certain events and to make sure cameras were in position to catch the absolute best sections of the parade. We pre-arranged with the city of Bath to allow us access up onto the roof of Bath Abbey, we arranged actors and actresses to be waiting for us at various shops along the route, acting as our crowd, waving out the windows etc. This meant timings had to be absolutely bang on. Fighting through the crowds was the biggest battle, especially with a large camera rig and bag. We nailed the timings down though, thanks to some intricate pre-planning and everything ran smoothly throughout the day.

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