The making of the ‘Hawks’ Video by The Greasy Slicks.

The Greasy Slicks came to us to create the video for their brand new single ‘Hawks’. We had an absolute blast making it with the boys and properly wore them out. As you’ll see from the video, there was a LOT of running for them on this one.

We shot the whole video over the space of a week, shoe-horned between tour dates, holiday’s, other shoots and the Behemoth project of Boomtown 2016. It was a pleasure to work with the guys, we had a lot of adventures over the 5-6 different locations we used, some more legal than others. They were enthusiastic, helpful, encouraging and energetic the whole time and obviously have have a deep seated passion for what they do.

We worked with various pieces of kit for this project, the usual stabilizing gimbles such as the Ronin’s and steady cam’s etc. But we also used more complex systems such as drones and our hand-built cable cam to run long shots through the trees in the woods and our hand-built snorricam to emphasise emotions and facial expressions whilst running. Both meant extra time spent rigging up, testing and working with these systems but both yielded extremely effective results and we were very stoked with the outcome.

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