Boomtown 8 Secrets of the City Official Video

After the success of our 2015 District videos. Boomtown Fair 2016 asked us back to document their ‘Secrets of the City’ video, this is designed to explore the nooks and cranny’s that some of you may never find on your travels around the city.

We had an amazing team working with us on this project, with 3 camera guys, 2 producers, a director, 2 sound men, photographers and assistants, the whole team came together, worked like a solid well oiled machine and put in a vast amount of energy and effort and absolutely bossed it. We’re talking 20 hour days, back to back for 5 days straight, weeks of editing, file selection, data wrangling, kit cleaning, travelling and many many laughs.

We really hope you enjoy this vid as we’re mighty proud of it!

Check out our film for Boomtown Chapter 9 here.