DREAM BIG featuring Mel Nicholls LEJOG Challenge

Mel Nicholls – GB Para Cyclist/Endurance Wheelchair Racer/Adventurer is embarking on an amazing journey next month and we’ll be along for the ride, making a feature length Documentary to follow soon.

We originally set out to create a short Biopic film of Mel and her amazing story. However, upon chatting to her about future plans etc, we heard of this idea to break the world record of handcycling Britain. Our cogs started turning and it seemed like a brilliant opportunity to really get into the mindset of such a driven, succesful and powerful mind, one that can power her cycling, 100 miles a day with just her arms.

There’s a lot more to come soon, but for now, have a look through our shots of what we have put together at this stage. There’s a lot of amazing content from Mel, a woman who sets positivity at the center of everything she does.


Director/Camera: Jack Davies
Edit: Jack Davies
Sound: Patrick Henchman
Producer: Lewis Smith
Graphics: Josh Williams
DoP and Grade: Fin Davies
Assistant and BTS pics: Josie