Behind The Scenes of Decade – Turn off Your TV.

This project was an interesting story for us. Building a music video from a song that was written around the music, not around the lyrics. We listened deeper and heard an anti-media protest against the CCTV world we live in, where every website we use knows a little about you and every camera is watching. To this effect, we set out to build a video based around the feeling that the band were the influence of the general public. Whenever their phones/iPads/TV’s, anything with a screen, turned on, the public would be so strongly influenced and that it would twist and break them apart with the ‘slit scan’ effect.

We produced this short ‘Behind the Scenes’ video to go along with the project, going into depth on our locations, techniques, tests and generally just having a laugh about what went into creating ‘Turn off your TV’.

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