We aren't the ones with the stories. You are. We're the ones that pour over the details, ignite the ideas and bring the vision to life.

What is the point? What's the point in working on anything that doesn't inspire change, make you feel, smile, laugh or cry. Our ethos is to constantly question ourselves and constantly ask hard questions. Are we really making a difference? Filmmaking is the art of influencing emotion. We hope to inspire change through every piece of work we release. Whether it's inspiration, aspiration or motivation, we want you to feel.


We are Friction, the little buzz between two objects. The spark that starts something.

Just like a spark, we're nimble. We're a collective, but what does that mean and and why should you care? If you're going to use our official titles, we're a team of directors, producers and DOPs. But at our heart, we're storytellers, visionaries and creatives. We can scale quickly, with an endless list of talent within the collective. If you have a film project big or small, we have a team that will obsess over it tirelessly.