Ovo Energy end of year event for Think Bright!

Shortly before Christmas we were invited to cover the OVO Energy Christmas party.
With 2,000+ guests and two massive party rooms it was set to be an amazing night. It quickly went from being a one night shoot just covering the event to actually documenting the whole set-up and build of the event.
We sent Jack over with a camera on the first day of the build, where he shot stills and time-lapse clips of the transformation of the warehouse at Bottleyard Studios, over the three day build. Fin then joined Jack on the Friday night as the party came to life.

These stills are being to used to promote Bright Events’ skills at setting up such a monumental event, Bottleyard Studios will use them to promote their event spaces and OVO themselves will use the images internally to show their employees and help set off next year’s event.

It’s always a real challenge covering such an event as a photographer as so many elements are completely out of your control, but we revel in the challenge and are very happy with the results. We would have never been able to capture such eye-catching photographs without the deft skill of Bright Events transforming a goliath, blank warehouse into a warm, friendly and decadent dining hall/party room.