Windeler Tools Kickstarter Campaign 2022

Kickstarter is a wonderful place for businesses to grow incredible ideas really quickly, unfortunately over the years it’s also grown to be a place where video goes to die. The quality of content used to sell ideas and products there has certainly improved over the years, but the thought, story and conception tend to go into the products or services, rather than into the marketing material itself.

Kickstarter campaigns always do best with a personality there to drive the business forward. Investors need to feel connected to the campaign’s story. To believe in this great idea, we believe they need to hear from the inventor themselves. That’s why we centered our films for Windeler around Doug’s incredible engineering story of conception. We worked really closely with Windeler to switch that on its head, to take the concept of an incredible product and do it proud with a host of creative, individual and brave visuals set to attract the eyes and hearts of investors.

In the 2022 Windeler campaign film, we detail out the magnetic USP with supporting visual magnetic elements and artistic cutaways. Building on the layflat visual style of 2020, we flaunt the incredible engineering involved in bringing together each and every tool seamlessly into the Stack. Alongside these state of the art visuals, we also include elements of humour and occasionally break for the fourth wall to keep the audience enticed by honing a light and friendly mood throughout the film.

Windeler’s new campaign built on the strength and success of its previous Kickstarter and not only smashed the previous order totals but succeeded in reaching 146K at over 18 times the planned goal. Used across social media platforms and on addittional campaigns the film worked incredibly hard for Doug and Becky and they are delighted with the results. All they have to do now is work like crazy to fulfill the orders.

Such a great team to work with. A really friendly bunch of highly skilled and professional experts. They totally understood our needs and added so many creative ideas to the mix on top of what we were thinking. The execution of their work was of a very high standard leaving us in the end with so much great content to work with. Highly recommend working with these guys.
Douglas Booth