Dyson: Supersonic Hairdryer on-line promotional

This was an incredibly ambitious project that required a great deal of planning. With the recent launch of their very popular Hairdryer, Dyson wanted to showcase the new product on their also new Website.

Designed to work well with any hair type Dyson also wanted to showcase the international appeal and beauty of the product so we devised a series of 1 take clips which would melt from one scene and country to the next, with CGI statics to emphasize the technology in the hairdryer.

Once we had the story board and talent completed we set about creating ‘animatics’ to fully plan out each move that would detail not only the camera move but also the slow and stop points of each scene.
Using animatics enabled us to pre-visualise each scene but we still needed to light and set each room using custom backgrounds and plates to get this incredible result.

Using a high speed Bolt camera rig and tracking and Phantom Flex High speed cameras the talent needed to trust that we had all the measurements correct. See our behind the scenes video below to see why?