Glo Fox App promo assets

GloFox approached us to take their marketing, which usually consists of relatively straight B to B content, to a much more eye-catching exciting and current trend of marketing media.

We were tasked with making B to B looking like B to C, with that, we decided the best course of action would be to take influence from the current crop of incredibly succesful campaigns run by large sports corps who sell straight to the consumer, as well as the amazing and forever inspiring campaign by the Nation Lottery ‘This Girl Can’.

To effectively reach the majority of Gym owners, we needed to ensure our final product was on brand with what they deem as succesful in their industry.

With a whole host of films, photography and branding to consider, we set about creating a really recognisable style for GloFox, helping to elevate their image and strengthen an already strong brand direction. We created a several social media films, telling the story of frustrated gym owners of old, enlightened gym owners using the GloFox sytems and determined gym goers, dedicated to fitness through an ease of access easily tracking their memberships. We also created a similar range of imagery with the photography, being sure to capture the sheer enjoyment but raw effort put into a proper workout at the gym.