Mastercard Experiences – Nobody in the Dark Film

Hussain Manawer & Mastercard shine a light in the dark to give Brits hope for their financial future

Hussain Manawer is a poet, mental health campaigner and ambassador for Samaritans. With an honorary fellowship from King’s College for mental health campaigning and a world record for the world’s largest mental health lesson, Hussain is the perfect partner for Mastercard’s campaign to leave ‘Nobody in the Dark’.

Hussain Manawer and Mastercard joined forces to craft messages of hope and reassurance, shining them onto tower blocks in Bristol and London for 19 minutes 40 seconds, to represent the 19.4 million Brits who feel in the dark about their financial future. The installations coincided with Talk Money Week and provided beacons of light highlighting the Nobody in the Dark campaign, set up to give help to those in need of support through the coronavirus pandemic.

Helen Milner, CEO, Good Things Foundation commented: “We know 1 in 7 people can’t use the internet without help; and 19 million feel kept in the dark because they don’t have the digital or financial skills and support to improve their lives. Through Nobody in the Dark, we’re changing this – in communities and online.”