Friction Five: Do You Speak Video?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or you have the will power of a saint and haven’t yet succumbed to the social media zombie habits that most of us have been all but consumed by,  you wont be surprised to hear how incredibly popular video has become online.

Entertaining, evocative and educational; video is a language which everyone speaks. In terms of engaging your customers, video does the hard work so you don’t have to, and in an insightful, personal way (if you want it to).

Here’s five quick, digestible reasons why video is the future and how it can help you and your business, whatever it may be.


We’re not talking road rage, fumes and horns. This is the good kind; engaging humans. The average internet user spends 88% more time on a website that has a video, 50% of mobile traffic is used on videos. By 2019, 80% of traffic in the internet will be due to videos. This is more than 3/4 of virtual traffic. As a business owner, having a killer strategy and a flow of creative video content for your brand is key if you want to stay on top.

2. More clicks

When you include a video in an email, the click-through rate increases by 200% – 300%. This is why heavy text-based emails are replaced by simple yet engaging videos. Make sure to add “video” on your subject line.

3. More SEO

A study that was conducted on search engine results pages revealed that more people prefer video results than text. Videos prove to be eye-catching and interesting. It encourages people to stay longer in a specific site. When you are posting your video to YouTube, make sure that the title matches how someone would search for what you are posting.

4. More Viewers

60% of video viewers are likely to watch more than two-thirds of the video. When compared against text-based marketing methods, videos promise higher rates of retention.

5. Let it shine

And by that we mean your personality. One of the most fundamental benefits of video is to be able to tell your story. Video is a quick and effective way of creatively communicating your passions, your skills and your offer as a business or brand. With video there are a lot of aspects you can control which, when combined together allow your personality to shine through. For example the sound or song choice, the words or dialogue, the way your video is shot, what you choose to shoot or include in the final cut are all creative choices which allow your audience to get to know you a little better, and ultimately feel an affinity or appreciation for you or your brand.