Friction Five: The Instagram Photographers You Should Follow Right Now

We had a mental whip around in the Friction Collective HQ in order to share with you some of our favourite Instagram Photographers that we’ve stumbled upon so far in 2018. We’re constantly blown away by the never-ceasing creative machine that is Instagram, which is always inspiring us with our own storytelling and image making. Here are some accounts you should follow right now:




Steve McCurry

1. First of all, we have @Stevemccurryoffical – who needs little introduction. Mccurry has been creating some seriously iconic work for over thirty years. We find the capacity his photographs have to tell a story truly amazing. The old Chinese proverb ‘a picture that says a thousand words’ summarises his work pretty well.

Instagram Photographers: Steve Mccurry: chinese temple red pillars Instagram Photographers: Steve Mccurry: people sat on the floor turquoise room Instagram Photographers: Steve Mccurry: turquoise building with wooden door



2. Tokyo based photographer @RKRKRK is known for capturing the essence of Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan. After the second world war, it was the place to shop for household appliances, as well as black market goods. As a result, Akihabara became known as ‘Electric Town’. Nowadays it’s known mainly for its anime, manga, and video gaming.

Instagram Photographers: RK photography: man inside a newsagents Instagram Photographers: RK photography: wrinkled old lady Instagram Photographers: RK photography: light shining into temple


Tobias Haag

3. I dare you to scroll through Tobias Haag’s Instagram @airpixels  and not fall into some otherworldly trance. You can see why global rucksack brand Fjalraven have championed Haag. It’s hard to choose a favourite image when each is as enchanting as the last, often resembling a Tolkien daydream.

Instagram Photographers: Tobias Haag hut in beautiful mountain landscape Instagram Photographers: Tobias Haag orange sunset mountains lake Instagram Photographers: Tobias Haag: Tiny Island with singular hut and trees


Jonas Bendiksen

4. In his new book ‘The Last Testament’, photographer Jonas Bendiksen (@jonasbendiksen) documents men who believe they are the second coming of Christ. He spent two years travelling around the world in order to meet seven different men who publicly claim they are the son of God returned to earth.

Instagram Photographers: Jonas Bendiksen - christ on a scooter Instagram Photographers: Jonas Bendiksen - pilgrimage into jungle


Instagram Photographers: Jonas Bendiksen: sequin gold boot wedding


Ross Symons

5. Ross Symons aka  @white_onrice  makes tiny, whimsical origami sculptures and we love them. The name comes from the adverb ‘Like white on rice’ which means to be as close to something as you can get. You can check out his website here where you can follow tutorials on how to make your own tiny creatures. It’s the little things in life…

Instagram Photographers: Ross Symons: sweets toothpick origami sloth Instagram Photographers: Ross Symons: origami dinosaur in broccoli forest Instagram Photographers: Ross Symons: origami goat on a hammer


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