18 Quick-Fire Questions with The Bristol Nomad

Adie White is the brains behind The Bristol Nomad, an Instagram photography account and website that we stumbled across not so long ago.The Bristol Nomad is based around a fierce sense of wanderlust; Adie travels to some of the most far flung corners of the Earth. We love the fact that he continues to photograph Bristol alongside his other works and share his snaps with the rest of the world. You can take the Bristolian out of Bristol but you can’t take Bristol out of the Bristolian. Who better to fire some questions about photography and our beloved city on a fine sunny morning…

FC: So first things first, how long have you been in Bristol?

TBN: Bristolian born-‘n’-bred, 41 years ago. Love to travel, but Bristol will always be home.

FC: What does Bristol mean to you?

TBN: Everything! It’s home and I’ll always do my best to show it off in the best possible light.

It’s not hard as it’s a vibrant, photogenic city full of great music, art and people.

The Bristol Nomad Harbourside Photography

Photo: @thebristolnomad of Bristol Harbourside

FC: What have you been up to recently?

TBN: I’ve just finished my first short film, Bristol 247•365, which is currently playing in the big screen in Millennium Square.

FC: Awesome! How do you go about capturing Bristol?

I’m not a take my camera everywhere, point n click kinda photographer. My shoots are always planned in advance. I generally know exactly what I’m aiming to capture.

FC: What are you listening to at the moment?

TBN: I’m an out-‘n’-out metalhead, why I can usually be found in The Hatchet. On the phone playlist at the mo is a bit of Slipknot, Stone Sour & Audioslave.

FC: Where are your favourite places to chill out in Bristol?

TBN: More often than not The Hatchet, but love King Street on a Sunny day. And anywhere with good live music and a good vibe.

FC: Let’s imagine (briefly) that you’re on death row (what did you do?!) what would you like to eat for your last meal?

TBN: Pizza, Pizza and more Pizza. If I stop eating Pizza I’m pretty sure the industry would collapse no pineapple though… that’s sacrilege.

FC: Who inspires you?

TBN: Anyone who looks at things a bit differently from the norm. People that challenge and push boundaries are generally the most interesting. And people with a fierce passion for what they do.

The Bristol Nomad Cheddar Gorge Photography

Photo: @thebristolnomad of Cheddar Gorge

FC: What’s your weapon of choice?

TBN: I generally stick to my trusty Nikon D3300. And once you discover the world of Adobe Lightroom it’s hard to go back lol.

FC: What kit is in your wishlist?

TBN: Wow sooooo much, but The Mavic 2 pro and a Syrp Genie come out on top. Fancy buying me one for Christmas?

FC: Ha! Future plans?

TBN: I am off to Villa Honegg in Switzerland next weekend… been on the wish-list for ages.

FC: What stops you in your tracks?

TBN: I’m a sucker for a wild landscape. Anything that looks relatively untouched by man in thousands of years. Combine that with good light and I’m in heaven.

FC: How would you describe your style?

TBN: I shoot for me and if people like it, great. So I wouldn’t really say I have a particular style other than what I think would look cool to me.

The Bristol Nomad Photography

Photo: @thebristolnomad of Bristol

FC: What advice do you have for anyone that wants to get into photography?

TBN: practice, practice, practice. Never get disheartened. And you don’t need to waste thousands on expensive kit & photography courses. I am completely self taught and learning from my mistakes is half the fun. Makes those moments when everything comes together that much sweeter.

FC: Most memorable halloween costume you’ve dressed up as / what are you dressing up as this halloween?

TBN: probably Pennywise the clown ? that freaked a few people out. Nothing yet, no ones invited me to any parties!

FC: What did you have for breakfast today?

TBN: Never start a Saturday without a bacon sandwich.

The Bristol Nomad Photography

Photo: @thebristolnomad

FC: What do you LOVE?

TBN: People that build others up

FC: What do you LOATHE?

TBN: People that push others down.

The Bristol Nomad Photography

Photo: @thebristolnomad Blaise Castle

Thank you @TheBristolNomad!