JARPY – My Home from Venezuela to Bristol

    This is a story of one of many Venezuelans who have had their lives affected by the recent situation in Venezuela.
    By no means the average expat, Jarpy’s life is dominated by his passion of longskate, a strange variation of skateboarding.

    ‘Jarpy, My Home’ is an opportunity to learn about a situation far from the UK, and its effect on the life and family of one man who now calls Bristol home.
    Though inherently sad there is positivity and pride in his story, two strong traits of Jarpy and of many Venezuelans around the world.

    This film is a Collaboration of minds between Jarpy and our Director Josh. Whilst the film was made over a period of several months, it took quite some time to pull all the necessary information together to produce a film that was unbiased and a true representation of the facts. Produced and edited in Bristol, Jarpy was able to get involved in the process from the start making the film a close and honest representation of his life.

    If you’d like to find out more, check out an interview with Josh, or find Jarpy here.


    Director/Camera: Josh Williams
    Second camera: Jack Davies
    Edit: Josh Williams
    Titles and Graphics: Josh Williams
    Grade: Fin Davies
    Sound: Patrick Henchman

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