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Josh (Squish) Williams – Creative Director

email: josh@frictioncollective.com
mobile: 07948 507580

He’s been known as Squish for more years than we remember, and no, we can’t really remember where it came from.

Josh specialises in Directing, Editing, Filming, Photography and Effects, along with being our resident Ski and Wakeboard instructord.

His background is in skating and has a great knowledge of nearly every sport there is. He has that cat-like ability to deftly fall on his feet in everything he tries.

Josh brings a real desire to set trends and think outside the box when it comes to developing ideas, calculating each frame he captures to correspond perfectly when he sits down to edit. This breeds a strong desire to solely produce the material he originally envisioned and wont be happy until that is achieved.

He brings ideas to the table that blow our minds, time and time again. If you want a creative visuals, Josh is your man.

His creative intuition and ‘think 4 miles outside the box’ attitude re-writes the visual books.


Personal Portfolio

Fighting Rural poverty – The Microfarm project

Fighting Rural poverty – The Microfarm project

Districts x Friction Collective.

Districts x Friction Collective.