Gemma Compton – ‘Inspirit’. Vocal recording and Custom Scoring.

To create the soundtrack of ‘Inspirit’ Friction followed a few routes to achieve the haunting but uplifting sounds you hear.

Our dedicated sound-man on this project, Chris, kept all our vocal recordings beautifully clear and crisp. Alongside this, Chris also wrote some amazing tunes especially for this project. With his easily distinguishable sounds, we knew his scoring for this project would be perfect to bring a modern, yet deftly smooth soundtrack to sit beneath Gemma’s story. Chris wrote the beginnings of the ideas for these songs on set whilst we were filming, reacting from what he heard then and there and writing out ideas as we went. It was an incredible process to watch and incredibly organic.

We had also already heard the opening song ‘Daphne’ by Nemea and fallen in love with it for this project, so we asked Nemea to use their song on the docu. We were delighted when they came back with the OK and knew it would create the perfect opening vibes.