‘1000 Takes’ Chasing a balloon around a factory for the Dyson Pure Cool™ Personal Purifying Fan

Of the many new product launches we’ve worked on for Dyson, the Pure Cool Personalised Fan was by far the most ambitious.
Having worked closely with our director Steve Perott from the inception of the project, we were asked to produce a fun film with mass appeal that illustrated the directional power of the Dyson desk fan and ingenuity of the Dyson team.

The shoot took place over a series of weekends at Dyson HQ in Malmesbury  (whilst the factory was closed) and needed 2 Sony FS7 sets and 20 or more 2K Arri HMI’s lights with hundreds of feet of cabling just to light the factory, as well as LED lamps and lasers for some of the smaller areas.

Each scene had at least 80 takes and once the balloon did what it was supposed to, we all got way over excited and although it was extremely hard work, I hope you agree, we are rewarded with a balloon with real personality.


Director: Steve Perrot
Producer: Danica Marshall
Senior Creative: John Bjergfelt
DOP and B Cam: Fin Davies
Co Director and principal camera: Jack Davies
Lighting assistants: Josh Williams and Nick Corkill
Art department: Alec Walker and Jemma Clancy
Catering: Paul Sendel
DIT: Elliot Jackson
Engineering/maintenance: Andy Alderwick