Friction Five: Drone Photography

Using drone technology, Instagrammers, photographers, and videographers around the world are capturing breathtaking aerial shots of cities and landscapes. It makes for a refreshing and inspiring outlook on both photography, form and the world we live in. There’s so much incredible work out there, so here are just a few of our favourite photographers.


Chongqing, China by Nick Chu

Drone photographer - nick chu

Photographer Unknown

Drone photographer - yellow fields

Accra, Ghana
‘Rush hour lasts all day in Accra!’ – Ofentse Mwase

Drone Photographer - Ofentse Mwase

A frozen river in the US.

Drone Photographer - sky pixel

The Huia Dam in Auckland, New Zealand. Brendon Dixon

Drone Photographer - brendon dixon


Check out some of our own footage using our own drone in Croyde Bay here.