Velo Malaysia

    Velo Malaysia is a film about three friends riding 1,000 miles through the searing heat of the country, discovering colossal mountains, deep impenetrable rainforest, pristine coastlines and some of the kindest people to grace this planet. Directed, shot and edited by Jack, this story encapsulates the human spirit, adventure and friendships. Using state of the art micro drones and 4k mirrorless cameras Jack manages to capture the highs and lows of tackling one of the worlds harshest environments on cycles.
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    Here’s what Jack had to say about the expedition: “For me it’s about escapism. There’s nothing quite like the utter peace and quiet I get in the vast space between my ears when concentrating on threading a bunch of beautiful corners together or slowly heaving myself up a ridiculous incline.  Then it’s about the experience, nothing comes close to seeing a country on a bicycle, you’re so connected to everything around you, yet nothing passes too slowly and there’s always something weird round the corner. Because of that and my love of making films, I had to combine the two; to create a film where the audience understand the ridiculous nature of the adventure, it’s by no means hardcore or deadly serious, but it’s tough and hilarious and puts you in situations that unless you laugh, you might well cry. For me, that is the essence of the Velo film series, it’s about captivating the audience with drama and suspense that then, like most of our days, just end up in a fit of laughter at someone pissing in a coconut.. or similar.”

    Check out the rest of the interview with the crew here.


    Director and Camera: Jack Davies
    Edit: Jack Davies
    Sound: Jack Davies
    Post sound: Patrick Henchman
    Motion Graphics: Josh Williams
    B Cam footage: Tom Gurney and Tim Lages
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